Directed by Mike Van Diem

Tulipani is a Canadian/Italian/Dutch co-production about a young woman who travels from Montreal to Puglia, Italy to return her mother’s ashes to the homeland. The fantastical tale is bursting with humor, color, romance and teeming with charming performances — including Oscar™ Nominee Giancarlo Giannini.

Becoming Burlesque

Directed by Jackie English

FATIMAH (Shiva Negar), A young college student soon to be engineer, is a part of a conservative Muslim family. At the same time, she is a free willed independent woman who wants to accomplish as much as she can. By chance encounter she meets BECCA (Elise Bauman), a burlesque dancer and Fatimah is introduced the burlesque dance scene and sees it as a world of empowerment. However she respects her family and does not want break the customs of her faith – but cannot leave behind her new found independence.